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ChiroJam (CEU) serves its profession by promoting Chiropractic as a vital and integral component of the health care profession by providing education services, namely live and on-line seminars, classes, and conferences offering continuing education credits in the field of motivational chiropractic philosophy and providing workshops in the field of chiropractic and health care.

HISTORY: Since 1973

1973 - Napa Chiropractic Society was created as an informal avenue for doctors to meet, discuss and help one another.

1974 - Napa Valley Chiropractic Association: Several of those enterprising Doctors from Napa Chiropractic Society got together on April 15, 1974 to better the Chiropractic Profession's communication in the Napa Valley, and the education of it's citizens and the Napa Valley Chiropractic Association was officially formed. Several years later the Napa Valley Chiropractic Association (NVCA) was changed to Napa County Chiropractic Association (NCCA).

1983 - NCCA Chiropractic Relicensing Seminar CEU's was born and set into motion for 1984.

1984 - NCCA's 1st Annual Seminar: "NAPA VALLEY EXPERIENCE... a unique opportunity" May 5 - 6, 1984 Chiropractic Relicensing Seminar CEU's.

1996 - NCCA's - NapaChiro.Com domain name and original website set-up

2008 - NapaChiro.com - Fully Integrated e Commerce and Website Rebuild. Achievements - Working with K1 Technology, NapaChiro.Com is believed to be the first globally fully integrated ecommerce chiropractic website.

2010 - 2013: ChiroJam
2010 - 2011 ChiroJam formed for Seminar and Online CEU programs. 2011 Chirojam.org was obtained. 2012 Chirojam.net, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. 2013 ChiroJam Trademarked.

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